The following partners have provided technical and financial support to UCAN; which have significantly boosted the operations of UCAN both at national and local grassroots levels.

charity1Tear Holland was the first external donor of UCAN and supported the work of UCAN through DCU-TAIP (Deliverance Church Uganda - The AIDS Intervention Program). The support was used to capacitate local churches mainly from Eastern (in Busoga, Bugisu and Teso); East Central (Buikwe, Lugazi); and Central regions (Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka and Mpigi). This support also helped UCAN set up basic structures including a functional secretariat and a regional coordination framework.

Woord en Daad was UCAN's second external donor, but the first to extend support to UCAN directly; and is currently UCAN's major donor. They supported the Amuria HIV/AIDS Project in 2011 in Amuria district and which strengthened the profile of UCAN following its successful implementation.

Woord en Daad is also currently funding a three year Advocacy Project on Condom Use for Christian Married HIV Discordant and HIV positive concordant couples, targeting senior Christian religious leaders and/institutions of the Pentecostal/Evangelical Churches; the Uganda Episcopal Conference; the Church of Uganda; Uganda Union of the Seventh Day; and the Orthodox Church.

Woord en Daad is also supporting the implementation Framework for Dialogue in Uganda-a process for for developing joint actions and ongoing discussions between religious leaders, faith-based organizations and networks of people living with HIV at national level. It does not intend to replace existing dialogue fora and/or collaboration but, rather, develop these via a methodology grounded in evidence, real experiences and mutual respect. The Framework also provides support and guidance for overcoming challenges, learning from successes and sharing lessons learned.


The ICCO Cooperation regional office based in Kampala has been very instrumental in building the technical capacity of UCAN including building of strategic partnerships and/or linkages. This office has been very instrumental in positioning UCAN as a key player on the national stage particularly in lobby and advocacy.

UCAN is also an active member of the Uganda Health Partnership (UHP) a consortium of partners supported directly or indirectly through the ICCO Cooperation and who together are implementing a joint Basic Health and HIV/AIDS program in North Eastern Uganda. Other members of the UHP are: ACET-Uganda; Health Need Uganda (HNU); DCU-TAIP; PAG-KIDEP and Trans World Radio (TWR) which though based in Nairobi Kenya runs radio programs mainly in Northern and North Eastern Uganda.


UNAIDS Uganda Country office has been very instrumental in facilitating the Framework for Dialogue in Uganda. Plans are also underway to support UCAN's IEC/BCC in Kampala and Wakiso districts as part of the advocacy targeting senior Christian religious leaders on condom use.

The UAC has been very instrumental in supporting the coordination of the Pentecostal/Evangelical fraternity as part of the national HIV/AIDS response. The UAC has also provided technical support to UCAN during the implementation of the dialogues on condom use for married HIV discordant and HIV positive concordant couples; and on stigma reduction; both dialogues involved senior religious leaders and people living with HIV.


Danchurch Aid supported the first multi-stakeholder dialogue meeting between networks of people living with HIV and religious institutions that took place on December 11 2013. This meeting was very instrumental in setting the agenda for the Framework for Dialogue in Uganda. UCAN continues to work very closely with DCA which is also a member of the National Working Group of the Framework for Dialogue.

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