UCAN is owned by three fraternities namely: Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU), National leaders of National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBPC), and Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa - Uganda (PEFA-U). The incumbent heads of these bodies are the Trustees of UCAN and constitute the top most organ of UCAN referred to as Council of Presidents. They are: Bishop Simon Peter Emiau (EFU); Bishop Joshua Lwere (NFBPC); and Bishop Noah Pogoto (PEFA-U). The current chair of the Council of Presidents is Bishop Joshua Lwere. 


The Board of UCAN is referred to as the Executive Council and is constituted by two representatives from EFU, NFBPC and PEFA-U; appointed by the Council of Presidents. The Board also has co-opted members with relevant competencies in UCANs core business areas - Health, Leadership Development, and Wealth Creation. 
The current members of the Executive Council are: Pastor Sam Mugote (Chair); Mr. Paul Kabunga (Vice Chair); Mr. Christopher Yikii Ondia (Treasurer); Pastor Frederick Makka; Pastor Chemonges F. Prince; Mrs. Florence Pogoto; and Mr. Samuel Ogutu (General Secretary / ex-officio)


This is the permanent administrative office of UCAN and is responsible for the day to day operations of the network. It is headed by the General Secretary and together with his team are responsible for the operationalisation of UCANs plans.


UCAN has a nationwide coordination framework consisting of seven regional blocs, namely: West Nile; Northern; North Eastern; Eastern; Central; South Western; and Western. Each is overseen by a Regional Coordinator. Pastor John Opikindori (West Nile); Pastor Jackson Ajoli (Northern); Pastor Clement Opio (North Eastern); Bishop Don Tumusiime (South Western); and Bishop Sam Muhumza (Western).


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