UCAN is a development initiative of the Pentecostal/Evangelical fraternity in Uganda. Current members of the network are: Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU); National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBPC); and Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa - Uganda (PEFA-U) collectively with a membership of over 40,000 local church congregations countrywide.

Our Vision

We envision a world of an empowered and dignified humanity.   A world where vulnerable and disadvantaged people have a voice; where religious institutions and faith based organizations better understand the  populations they serve in order to improve services; where local churches and congregations are proactively involved in transforming the world around them; and where relevant information is available, accessible and useful in a way that helps religious institutions and faith based organizations become better informed and engaged about issues that are critical for the holistic transformation of society.


Our Mission

Resourcing Communities and Creating Conducive Environments for Holistic Transformation

Our Values

  • We value the Bible as the inerrant and infallible word of God: Therefore, in every aspect of our work, the bible is pivotal.
  • We value accountability internally as an institution and externally to our stakeholders; and therefore take responsibility for our actions and also hold our stakeholders accountable for their actions.
  • We value Diligence/Quality; and want to be judged on the results we achieve, who we reach with our work and what changes it generates.
  • We value Integrity: In all our operations, honesty, truthfulness, reliability and uprightness are pivotal.
  • We value people in their God given worth, merit and importance with impartiality.


All material on www.ucan.or.ug is copyright UCAN 2014 (unless stated otherwise). All rights reserved. UCAN is a Registered National Non Government Organisation in Uganda - Registration Number S.5914/5767