1. Communication targeting Christian Religious Leaders on Condom Use for HIV Prevention by HIV discordant and HIV positive concordant couples - To be Piloted in Kampala and Wakiso Districts.

This initiative is part of a broader Advocacy Campaign and involves a three pronged strategy:

1. Dialogue with religious leaders on condom use for HIV prevention to help them understand the need for them as key influencers of behavior to support condom use by married couples and particularly those living with HIV. This already ongoing with funding from ICCO Cooperation.

2. IEC Campaign to inform and educate religious leaders of the need to support condom use for HIV prevention by married couples and particularly those living with HIV.

3. BCC campaign as a call to action for married PLHIV and particularly those engaged in extra-marital sex and/or who have multiple concurrent sexual partners; to change behavior.

The objectives of the program are:
1) To promote conducive environments for dialogue between religious leaders and people living with HIV and in particular married couples that are HIV positive concordant or HIV discordant on the issue of condom use for the prevention of re-infection and infection respectively.

2) Promote condom use by HIV positive concordant and HIV discordant couples to curb the risk of re-infection between HIV positive partners and infection of the negative partner respectively.
Below is a description of the target audiences for this communication campaign:

Primary Target Audiences
- Senior Religious Leaders who do not support condom use within the marriage context for the prevention of HIV infection and/ or re-infection among HIV positive concordant or HIV discordant couples

- HIV positive concordant or HIV discordant married couples that are not using condoms (correctly and consistently) alongside mutual faithfulness to prevent infection of the negative partners (in the case of HIV discordant couples) and reinfection between HIV positive partners (in the case of HIV positive concordant couples).

Secondary Target Audiences
- Religious Leaders in general (at different levels)
- Christian married men and women who know their HIV-status as positive but have not disclosed to their spouses
- Christian married couples who do not know their HIV status or that of their spouse and have reason to suspect that they or their spouse may have been exposed to HIV infection.

UCAN is yet to secure funding for this program.

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