1. Strengthening Good Governance in Local Governments to Combat Corruption for National Transformation.

This Program is modelled and premised on the concept of developing a local government workforce that values stewardship, work ethic, integrity, patriotism, and servant leadership as a philosophy of leadership. It is leveraging on the success story of KCCA through benchmarking their transformation journey.

Local government leaders from all 111 districts of Uganda constituting politicians and technical officers will be mentored and coached over a period of 10 years. The Program will conduct specialized engagements aimed at creating a value system that appeals to the conscience of leaders thereby complementing the Central Government and other stakeholders’ efforts.

The program is aligned with national priorities of ‘Improving government effectiveness in service delivery’ and; ‘Human resource development’. It has been designed to be catalytic in nature, with the aim of laying foundations for an expanded programme, and enhancing strategic networking and partnership for knowledge sharing and learning with relevant local, regional and international institutions.

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