This program resulted from a study undertaken by UCAN, on the Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Beliefs on condom use for HIV prevention (of infection and re-infection) in which 95% of respondents recommended that religious leaders / institutions endorse condom use for HIV prevention by HIV discordant and HIV positive concordant couples.

The findings of this study revealed that there is urgent need to address not only risk reduction among HIV-uninfected people but also the adoption of preventive interventions for those already living with the virus. This prompted this program to create an opportunity for dialogue between religious leaders and people living with HIV; and in particular married couples that are HIV positive concordant or HIV discordant on the issue of condom use for the prevention of re-infection and infection of the negative partner respectively. (put read more link here)

As a result, the three fraternities that constitute UCAN have derived separate position papers; which together have been constituted into the UCAN Policy on Condom Use. This policy will be widely disseminated through the structures of EFU, NFBPC and PEFA-U and as well guidelines have been developed to empower church leaders on how to handle the difficult question of condom use specifically for HIV discordant and HIV positive concordant couples.

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