As part of our effort to improve household incomes especially among the rural communities (which are home to over 84 per cent of Ugandans) and urban based low-wealth communities, UCAN has developed an approach to improving household incomes based on inclusive wealth creation with an emphasis on sustainable livelihoods.

Through this approach, we expand the traditional definition of wealth to include intellectual, social, individual, and financial wealth.

Our wealth creation approach is intentionally inclusive of the rural and low-wealth people and seeks to increase investment in the assets they own and control by building their capacity to manage and make them more productive.

UCAN's priority actions on wealth creation include:

1. Empowering households in entrepreneurship; financial literacy; and sustainable livelihoods.

2. Addressing the disproportionate impact of poverty on the most vulnerable households, such as: child headed house holds orphaned by HIV/AIDS, widows and the elderly.


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