UCAN is committed to promoting effective, practical and acceptable solutions for health with specific focus on HIV/AIDS; Sexual and Reproductive health; and Maternal and child health; and to the improvement of health service delivery in Uganda.

HIV/AIDS  remains one of the leading causes of ill health and death in Uganda; with the major drivers of the epidemic being structural, contextual and social factors, such as poverty, gender inequality, poor access to health care, and stigma and discrimination.  

Sexual health and reproductive health  overlap and, in addition to supporting normal physiological functions such as pregnancy and childbirth, aim to reduce adverse outcomes of sexual activity and reproduction. They are also about enabling people to have safe and satisfying sexual relationships by tackling obstacles such as gender discrimination, inequalities in access to health services, restrictive practices, sexual coercion, exploitation, and sexual and gender-based violence. 

Maternal and Child Health  focuses on improving the health of mothers and children, and the environments and policies that affect their well-being.

Client Satisfaction Surveys: UCAN will facilitate a client satisfaction process with health facilities of our fraternities as a step toward giving a voice to clients in improving service delivery. This process will collect feedback from actual users of a service; and assess the performance of individual service providers and/or compare performance across service providers


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