We take action as catalysts of change to ensure that there is a deliberate effort by religious institutions and faith based organizations to better understand the populations they serve in order to improve services. Over the next five years (2014/15 - 2019/20), our focus will be on the following issues:

• Condom use for HIV prevention by married HIV discordant couples (where one is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) and HIV positive concordant couples (where both are HIV positive).

• Faith healing vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS treatment and the role of the church in promoting ART drug adherence.

• Family planning by Christian married couples and the role of the church in controlling population growth.

• LGBTI behaviors, societal concerns, and the role of the church in advocating morality, dignity and justice. 



1. Framework for Dialogue:

UCAN is the secretariat for the Framework for Dialogue in Uganda.

The Framework for Dialogue is a tool for developing joint actions and ongoing discussions between religious leaders, faith-based organizations and networks of people living with HIV at national level. It does not intend to replace existing dialogue fora and/or collaboration but, rather, develop these via a methodology grounded in evidence, real experiences and mutual respect. The Framework also provides support and guidance for overcoming challenges, learning from successes and sharing lessons learned. Learn more


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