A core part of the way we work is to make information available, accessible and useful; in a way that helps our member churches and local communities become better informed and engaged about issues that are relevant and important to them. We achieve this through:

Research: Over the next 5 years (2014/15 - 2019/20), UCAN will undertake three studies, namely:

• Faith healing vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS Treatment: Testimonies, Fatalities and the role of the church in promoting ART drug adherence.

• Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Beliefs on family planning by Christian Married Couples in Uganda and the Role of the Church in Controlling Population Growth.

• LGBT behaviors, societal concerns and the role of the church in advocating morality, dignity and justice. 

Information Education Communication: UCAN will undertake communication needs assessments for specific target groups; and accordingly develop specific IEC strategies and put in place measures for implementing them.


1. Communication targeting Christian Religious Leaders on Condom Use for HIV Prevention by HIV discordant and HIV positive concordant couples - To be Piloted in Kampala and Wakiso Districts.

This initiative is part of a broader Advocacy Campaign and involves a three pronged strategy:

1. Dialogue with religious leaders on condom use for HIV prevention to help them understand the need for them as key influencers of behavior to support condom use by married couples and particularly those living with HIV. This already ongoing with funding from ICCO Cooperation. Learn more


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